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in Uganda.

Furnished Apartments Kampala.

Rent a Fully furnished Apartment or House in Kampala.

Furnished Apartments and houses Kampala offers the best serviced rental apartments in Kampala.

Are you planning to visit Kampala for a short or long stay and you are looking for the best fully furnished apartment or house to stay?

We will make sure that you get the best accommodation for your stay.

We rent serviced apartments for a day, week, months or long durations in Kampala. Our service area covers Kampala, Entebbe, Wakiso, and several other regions in Uganda. Whether you are visiting Entebbe with plans of renting a furnished apartment, we will surely make sure that you get one. Are you visiting Wakiso and you would like to rent a serviced apartment? You will surely get the best accommodation from us.

I rented a serviced house with them.


You don’t need to worry about buying household items when thinking of renting a house in Kampala, we have made it easy for you to just walk in and have a comfortable home. All you need is to pay for your rent and you will find everything that you will ever need in a home.

We also sell apartments, houses, commercial building, farm land and other land in Uganda.

Furnished houses for rent in Kampala.

Are you planning to have a colorful holiday with your loved one and you are searching for a fully furnished house in any urban suburbs of Kampala? We will make sure that you get the best house for your needs. Whether you are looking for a  3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, 5 bedroom or any bedroom furnished house in Kampala? We will do the needful to get it for you. do you need to rent in Makerere, Nsambya, Seguku, Najjera; or any where. we will surely get you the houses.

Bring together your people, celebrate life, have the best parties during your stay in Kampala by simply renting a serviced house from us.

Serviced Apartments in Kampala.

Enjoy the best stay in Kampala by simply renting our serviced Apartments. You will surely have the best stay. Are you looking for a 1 bedroom serviced apartment in Kampala? We will surely get it for you. Whether you are looking for a 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom apartments, we will surely get it for you.

Airbnb Kampala.

We offer the best Airbnb-like experiences in Kampala. Whether you simply want to rent for a day or a week, we will do the best effort to get you the accommodation.

Why rent from us?

We have a great number of apartments or houses for rent in any posh neighborhood in Kampala. Whatever area that you want to rent the house, we will surely get it for you. We keep ourselves informed about the houses/apartments in the area. You will surely get your dream house.

We have the best team who are highly knowledgeable about serviced apartments. Our team offer prompt response. We will be able to inform you the availability of the house within a short time. It is easy to communicate with us. We have made it easy for our clients to reach out to us. You can contact us via whatsapp, by call or simply through emails. Whatever means you choose, you will expect the best prompt reply.

We have serviced houses/apartments which can be rented for a day, a week, month or longer duration. You have the option of renting for any duration that you feel convenient. Even if you plan on visiting Uganda for a short duration, you will have the best option of renting from us.

We offer the best tailored services to our clients.  Each of the clients sometimes require a certain

degree of customization, we always listen to the needs of our clients and offer them the best customized service.

We rent the apartment/houses for any needs. Do you want a rent for a party, wedding, and celebration with family or any needs? We will make sure that you get what you need.

We offer the best terms and conditions when it comes to renting, you will surely enjoy the conditions.

What to expect in a serviced apartments?

Some of the basic items to find in any furnished apartments/houses include a full bed with bedcovers, pillows, and other accessories; a functional sitting room with a cable television and nice chairs; a very nice kitchen with the cutlery available. Others have 24 security, house maids to help with anything, Internet, and washing machine.

Are you looking for short stay apartments in Kampala?we will get you the best holiday apartments in Kampala.

Contact us today for the best fully furnished houses/apartments today.

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