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Bunga is a great residential town. The town is easily accessible from the city center, it is always less than a hour to reach the city center even in the midst of some light traffic jam. There are many shopping centers in Bunga and therefore, you will be able to buy what you need when in the town. If you don’t get want you need, you simply move to Town.

For everyone that prefers to dine, you can surely have the best dining experience; there are many great restaurants which you could visit for the best meals.

Bunga is transforming into a completely expatriate community. It is one of the residential areas in Uganda with the most expatriates or foreigners; the demand for houses is extremely high and in some cases, most of the apartments are filled up before they are even finished.

In Bunga, once a tenant leaves a house; it doesn’t take an hour for another to be already interested. As long as they know that someone is vacating the premises, they will come and want to enter.

Bunga is one of the most expensive residential areas in Uganda. The rate for different houses like a 2 bedroom apartment is extremely high compared to other towns in Uganda and Kampala.

Buy an Apartment in Bunga.

Because of those factors, if you are looking for the best investment. You can simply invest in Apartments in Bunga.

When you buy apartments in Bunga, you will have the chance to have the best cash flow. I mean every month, you will be able to make some great money. And most of the clients in this area usually pay on time so you will not have the stress of always demanding money from the tenants.

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