Apartments for sale in Kololo.

Buy Apartments in Kololo.

We have apartments for sale in Kololo. If you are looking for the best apartments to buy in the areas of Kololo, kindly get in touch with us. We will make sure that you find the perfect apartments.

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If you would like to buy a condominium in Kololo, we will get it for you. Simply contact us.

Kololo is the number 1 upscale neighborhoods in Uganda. When you talk about the extreme luxury, you will have to think of Kololo. It home to a number of politicians, business men and several expatriates. In fact the Richest Ugandan lives in Kololo.

The place is truly home- very serene environment, you can literally hear the sound of a mosquito- very quite. Everybody wants to live in such a neighborhood. The place is not very far from city center and this means that if your tenants are working in the city center, they will have easy access to their residence.

Since Kololo is the top residential area in Uganda, the rent being paid is by tenants is great. If you are would looking for a sound investment, think of Kololo.

Buy an Apartment in Kololo.

Why invest in Apartments in Kololo?

Investing in apartments in Kololo will surely yield a lot of returns. The demand for apartments in the area is a lot. Many tenants are looking forward to rent from the area to benefit from the services available. There are a lot of expatriates who stay in Kololo and they are happy to pay some good amount. In fact, there are also Ugandans staying in Kololo.

One of the beautiful thing of buying apartments is that in most cases, there are tenants already. You just buy and start collecting rent the next month however if you don’t have tenants, that is if you buy new apartments; you will easily get clients or you can transform your apartments into furnished apartments and start making some great money.

Investing in apartments is great because it offers an assured cash flow, you will continually have the cash flow on a monthly basis.

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