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Mbuya is one of the best residential areas in Uganda. The town is set on a hill and some of the areas have the best views of Lake Victoria. When you are in Mbuya, you feel calm and luxury. It is a like living in another universe.

Many of the roads are paved so you might not see dirt anywhere. The town is close to Kampala city center. In terms of Amenities, there are shopping centers in the neighborhood so you will have the peace of mind of buying whatever you need. If you don’t see what you need, you can easily move to the city center.

Interms of Security, the Town is one of the most secure towns in the country because it is home to the defence headquarters and Mbuya Barracks.  In terms of restaurants, there are great restaurants which serve the perfect meals so in case you need to dine, you will surely have the best choices.

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If you happen to buy a newly constructed apartment block, finding clients is very easy. The area is a play ground for many expatriates, middle class Ugandan, and several other people. You will surely get clients.

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