Furnished Apartments in Bugolobi

2 bedroom at $2000 per month.

1 bedroom at $1500 per month.

Rent furnished apartments in Bugolobi.We have the best serviced apartments for hire in Bugolobi.We rent the apartment on a short stay and long duration. You can rent a serviced apartment for a day, week, month or any duration.Are you planning to visit Uganda and you would like to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Uganda? Think of Bugolobi.  Bugolobi is one of the best luxury residential areas in Uganda. The Town is not very far away from Lake Victoria, you will have the best scenic uninterrupted views of Lake Victoria when you are some of the apartments.  You feel relaxed when in the town. The good breeze flows through the town and you can feel life.You will have the best experience when you book any fully furnished apartment.

Serviced apartments for rent in Bugolobi.

We have the best serviced apartments in Bugolobi. Bugolobi is known for the Bugolobi Flats, an array of apartments building which cover hectares of lands. You will be able to rent the best serviced apartments.

1 bedroom Apartment in Bugolobi.

We rent the best 1 bedroom apartment in Bugolobi. Are you  visiting Uganda on a short stay and you would like to book a 1 bedroom apartment, we will surely get it for you in the town.2 bedroom Apartments for rent in Bugolobi.Rent the best 2 bedroom furnished apartments in town. You will surely have the best experience when you rent from us. We have the best apartments to choose from.

Airbnb Bugolobi.

Are you looking for an airbnb experience in Bugolobi? We will make sure that we rent you airbnb-like accommodation facilities. Simply get in touch with us and we will make sure that you find the perfect accommodation.

3 bedroom Apartments for rent in Bugolobi.

Are you a family and you want to rent a fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment ? We will do the best effort to make sure that you get the best apartment. We have a number of 3 bedroom serviced apartments for your short rental need.We have some of the best amenities that you could think of. Our apartments are located in a secure place and they have 24/7 security services.  Most of the apartments have all the necessary amenities for your calm stay.Rent a Furnished apartment in Bugolobi by contacting us today.
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