Guest house for sale in Uganda

Buy a Guest house in Uganda.

We have guest houses for sale in Kampala and other cities in Uganda. If you are planning to invest in the hospitality sector in Uganda; you can start by buying a guest houses. Guest houses is a great investment because when you look at the target market, you will find out that they basically target the general population because they are affordable.

Most of the clients of a guest house usually include company employees who usually visit different areas for several projects. Most of the companies work in different parts of Uganda, they have projects all over the country and therefore, whenever their employees move from area to another, there is always need for accommodation. Since most areas usually don’t have hotels, the guest house is a logical option.

There is another class of clients usually the backpackers. The backpackers are usually travelers who move from one country to another on a budget; these people are always looking for affordable accommodation facilities. It is likely that they will be able to sleep in a guest house.

Buy a Guest House in Kampala.

Apart from the accommodation service, guest houses offer a wide range of services and these include restaurants.There are many guest houses with the best restaurants.

Some of these great restaurants prepare some of the most delicious foods. The restaurant alone can make you some good money. You can attract a lot of people to your guest house because of the meals prepared.

Swimming pool.

Although very few guest houses have swimming pools, there are actually guest houses with the best swimming pools where people pay some money for swimming services.

In brief, apart from accommodation; you can make a lot of money through other services provided by the guest house.

Guest houses for sale in Kampala.

Buy a Guest house in Kampala. If you are looking to invest in the hospitality business, you can start by simply buying a guest house.

Buy a Guest house in Kampala by simply contacting us.


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