Furnished apartments in Mengo

Rent a Furnished apartment in Mengo.

We have the large number of furnished apartments in Mengo. We also have serviced houses for rent in Mengo.

We rent the accommodations for a day, week, month or any duration. Simply inform us for how long you would like to rent the houses and we will do the best effort to rent you the apartments.

Mengo is a truly one of the old money towns in Uganda. The town is just a walkable distance from the city center and since most of the town is situated on the hill, you always have clear views of kampala city center. There are many attractions in the town such as the Kabaka’s Palace and many more. In terms of service delivery,  you have access to the best shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants and other services that simplify life while in Mengo.

Serviced Apartments in Mengo.

Rent the best serviced apartments in Mengo. If you are looking for the serviced apartments, kindly get in touch with us. You will have them since we have them. Over the past years, we have received many clients who have rented several accommodations in Mengo -some of the clients include Expatriates, Ugandans in the diaspora and business travelers.

1 bedroom apartment for rent in Mengo.

Do you need to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Mengo? We will make sure that you rent the best serviced 1 bedroom apartment. This is practically ideal for single travelers, couples and just a small family.

Airbnb Mengo.

Mengo is surely one of the posh neighborhoods in Uganda. If you are looking forward to staying in this great town, it is possible to book an airbnb-like accommodation from us. We will simply get it for you.

2 bedroom apartment For rent in Mengo.

We have the best 2 bedroom serviced apartments in Mengo. This wonderful two bedroom apartments are the most demanded apartments. We will have the chance to rent the best accommodation as per your needs.

3 bedroom apartments for rent in Mengo.

Rent the best 3 bedroom serviced apartments for your family members and share life together. We have a large number of 3 bedroom apartments. Should you need to rent a 4 bedroom house  or 5 bedroom house; we will do the best effort to get it for you.

Rent a Fully furnished apartment in Mengo by contacting us today.

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