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Buziga is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Uganda. This wonderful town is located on the hill where you have clear views of Lake Victoria. Most of the houses have uninterrupted views of Lake Victoria. You will enjoy the best calm serene in this wonderful neighborhood.

Buziga is not very far away from Kampala, you can actually work in the city center while staying in Buziga and these days, they renovated the road connecting to Kampala from Buziga with beautiful lights. It just feels great to move there during any time of the year.

There are great shopping options when you are in Buziga. You can easily buy whatever you need and for clients who might be interested in dining, you will have a wonderful plenty of choices. There are many restaurants in the areas which have the best dishes and therefore, you will have the option to choose from.

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3 bedroom mansion for sale in Buziga.

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If you are looking for the next location to call home, you can think of Buziga.

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